Client: Mr Mikes SteakhouseCasual

The Caesar is a Canadian icon. And Mr Mikes does a pretty good one. Jimmy Kimmel is an American Icon. Playing on the friendly rivalry between the two countries, and to grow brand awareness we decided to rally Canada to see if we could get one icon to meet the other.

First thing first, we created a video. A video based on Canadian patriotism, to rally all of Canada to get together and push for the challenge. This video drove to a microsite, where Canadians could go and send a personalized letter to Jimmy Kimmel’s studio down in sunny LA.

My Role: Art Direction, Creative Concepting, Storyboard Production, U/I Design, U/X Design, Production Design, Creative Strategy

15,000 Canadians sent a letter to Jimmy Kimmel.
Jimmy Kimmel drank a Caesar. Here’s