Client: Sugar Crisp

Sugar Crisp cereal was looking to sweeten their appeal with university students. This project helped them dial in on the eSports niche and delivered a strategy that helped the brand and gamers, power up. Data from the previous campaign showed a large cross over between eSports and Sugar Crisp on university campuses. We found sugary cereals were already a snack of choice for some gamers when their energy levels dipped mid-game-marathon. We had our viable connection point for the brand with it's consumers.

With a niche target identified, attention was then focused to figuring out how to introduce Sugar Crisp. What better way to deliver the sweet goodness of Sugar Crisp to gamers than through easter eggs hidden all over the eSports online universe. Every time Sugar Bear showed up he’d bring the sweet rewards and a message reminding gamers to “Power up with Sugar Crisp”. An innovative media and sponsorship partnership with eSport live broadcast powerhouse, Twitch, and eSports broadcaster, The Score, meant Sugar Bear could show up just about anywhere our target sought out gaming action. All the digital touch-points drove to a microsite where gamers could power up and play for thousands of sweet prizes like Playstations, Xboxs and more.

My Role: Art Direction, Creative Concepting, Production Design, Creative Strategy

It's still live! You can check out here. I'll definitely have to get back to you with some performance metrics, or at least a follow up paragraph.