Client: Tic Tac Mixers

We had to launch a new product, Tic Tac Mixers! The best part about Mixers? They’re two flavours in one. Almost. It’s one flavour that changes to another through an elaborate coating process. Anyways, to garner excitement for this product to begin its life cycle in Canada, we got the opportunity to do a digital sampling program to get the word out.

We created a microsite where one could get a taste of Tic Tac’s new product. As a user scrolled they would see animations of the two flavours, Cherry to Cola and Peach to Lemonade, transforming as they scroll. When the user had completed the flavour changing experience, they were then able to claim a sample of their choice. Would they choose to experience sweet peach changing to sour lemonade or delicious cherry switching to refreshing cola?

My Role: Art Direction, Creative Concepting, Production Design, U/X Design, U/I Design, Creative Strategy

They chose them all. In a weekend. All 40,000 samples were redeemed the first weekend it went live!