We targeted sour singles to give them Skittles.

At, we celebrated singledom by giving out coupons for free packs of Sour Skittles. We found ur singles by looking at their relationship status, scraping their comments, and going through their not-so-sweet tweets. Using a bait 'n' switch approach, we 'accidentally' served them ridiculous over-the-top ads for sickly sweet couple's activities. The ads would then glitch out and direct them to our site to claim their Sour Skittles.

Every Valentine's Day, confectionary brands do the obvious and pander to lovebirds who begrudgingly buy sweets for their sweeties. So we obviously had to do the opposite. We decided to speak directly to Canadians who felt the most left out on Valentine's Day - sour singles. By targeting people who identified as 'single' on social, we gave them something to celebrate on the sweetest day of the year: free Sour Skittles.

We beat our target by 114%

Over 170,000 sour singles downloaded the coupon

Sales shot up 8% makiting it the best performing non-Skittles Original sku

Over 17 million impressions