Tic Tac 200 is MORE.


For the launch of the Tic Tac 200 pack, we settled on an audience between 18 and 24. One thing we know about that age group is that they have the attention span of gnat. They needs constant stimulation and they’re always looking for more good stuff to share with his friends.

What it boiled down to is: Tic Tac 200 is MORE. It’s more flavour, more freshness and more fun. What came next was a Tic Tac 200-sized stream of good stuff for out audience in the form of bubble wrap. An endless supply of bubbles. The more our audience popped, the more good stuff they unleashed, and the more chances they got to win instant prizes. And instant fun. It didn’t stop there. Wherever they went, more good stuff followed. More good stuff on Facebook, more good stuff on Instagram (one of the first 10 campaigns in Canada to be able to advertise on that platform) and more GIFs on Popkey

My Role: Art Direction, U/I Design, Creative Concepting, Illustration & Lettering, Animation

A 17 point lift in brand awareness

An average of 5 minutes and 43 seconds on site

Over 35 Million bubbles popped

Market share for Tic Tac rose from 3.4% to 5.5%

Best Digital Campaign in the Pro Awards